The following are some useful resources.
  • C.G. Jung Page - This is the most important website for all Jungian activities in the world. It is sponsored by the International Association for Analytical Psychology and individuals.
  • The Jung Center - Located in Houston, it is one of the oldest Jungian centers in the United States. Although not an official training program, it has held important workshops over the years, and its founder, Carolyn Faye has emphasized the expressive arts as a major part of the program.
  • Journal of Analytical Psychology - Major Jungian clinical journal in the English language.
  • C.G.Jung Institute of New York - major American Jungian Institute with much information on analytical psychology.
  • International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP)- the international professional association which accredits all institutes and individuals in the practice of analytical psychology.
  • C.G.Jung Institute in Zurich - the first center of training in analytical psychology.
  • San Francisco Jung Institute - One of the leading Institutes in the United States and the home Institute of the author.
  • C.G.Jung Page - C.G.Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture- major internet Web site which has a large variety of material on analytical psychology.
  • C.G.Jung Institute of Los Angeles - major Jungian training institute in the U.S.
  • McKenzie Oaks Films - Film series on analytical psychology and Jung.
  • Guild of Spiritual and Jungian Psychology - major resource for training and finding books related to analytical psychology and spirituality.
  • C.G.Jung Institute of Atlanta - largest group of people interested in analytical psychology in the South. Extensive tape collection for sale.
  • C.G.Jung Institute of Ontario - long standing Jungian center in English speaking Canada.
  • C.G.Jung Institute of Chicago - major Jungian training and extended education services with a large bookstore and tape collection.
  • University of Essex - Center of Psychoanalytic Studies with Professors Andrew Samuels and Renos Papadoopoulos. Important training program in psychoanalysis and analytical psychology, where an advanced degree can be obtained.