Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Jungian Life Review

Review by Jan Wiener

“In our age of sophisticated internet technology, where communications tend to brevity and lack literary sophistication, Tom Kirsch’s memoir, A Jungian Life, is a breath of fresh air, and a precious gem for the Jungian community. Kirsch traces with mastery and sensitivity his life as a Jungian analyst from family origins close to Jung developing into a lively lacework of connections within the Jungian world from both well-established Societies to the burgeoning of new groups across the world interested in Jungian psychology. He balances well the relationship between the personal and the professional offering the reader thought-provoking opportunities to read between the lines for common themes including the shadow of our theoretical controversies and the personal disagreements within our profession. It is a moving, revealing and well-written memoir and I recommend it highly to all those who wish to know more about our ancestors and their effects on the development of the theory and practice of Jungian psychology.” —Jan Wiener, Director of Training, Society of Analytical Psychology, London and Vice-President, IAAP 2010-2013